Payment Policy

Payment of your order can be completed in the following ways:

By deposit in our bank account

Bank deposit instructions:

a) You deposit the money into the following account with your order number and your name.

ΙΒΑΝ: GR4601720670005067108677720

Beneficiary name: KYRIAZI A. & FRAGKIADAKI V. G.P

b) Send the proof of deposit by email to


Natural Hellenia, respects your personal information and takes care to protect and keep it safe by all means possible.
This Privacy Statement describes the personal information that Natural Hellenia collects from you; how we collect, use and protect your personal information; to whom we transmit / disclose it; given these.
We acknowledge that the protection of personal data is a continuing responsibility and commitment to us, and will therefore update and amend this Statement from time to time. Please visit our website at from time to time to make sure you are aware of and happy with any changes.

We are Natural Hellenia - based in Athens, Surou 66, Ag. Dimitrios 17342, (VAT 802023011 - TAX AUTHORITY: ILIOUPOLIS), email: (hereinafter "the Company" for short). Our company provides its visitors through the Product Purchase service, hosted at, the ability to browse, be informed, to search for prices and types of products and services, depending on their needs and preferences. , which are available from the Company.

2. What personal information do we collect about you and how do we collect it?

2.1 The Company collects personal information about its users, such as - mentioned - name, surname, telephone, street, number, postcode, city and email, only when they themselves provide it, directly and voluntarily, or by completing it. contact us or send them a message to our email address for any reason.

2.2. The Company collects, for legal entities, the information of its users, such as - Reported, Name, VAT, DU, Directorate, Tel, Post, Post, Profession, and e-mail, only when they provide it directly and voluntarily, either by completing the contact form with our company or by sending them a message to our email address for any reason.
The purpose of filling in these fields is the willingness of merchants (natural or legal persons) to get to know our services, to learn information about our cooperation.

2.3. The company also collects participant data, such as full name and email, through competitions that it holds on a regular basis. Participants provide their personal information either by logging in to a social media account (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) or by email, or by filling in the contest form.

We do not share your personal information with anyone and we guarantee that no use will be made beyond what is required by law and beyond what is expressly stated in our Privacy Policy.

3. Your personal information is used for:

3.1. The personal information we collect under section 2.1 of this Privacy Policy is used to facilitate the communication of users / consumers with us, to ask questions and to respond to them, to report any problems or requests.

3.2. The personal information we collect under section 2.2 of this Privacy Policy is used for the purposes of clarification by our company.

4. Time to keep your personal information

4.1. We keep personal information associated with our affiliates for five (5) years in order to fulfill our obligation to maintain accurate records for tax or other administrative purposes.

4.3. When we no longer need your personal data, we delete or destroy it safely. We also consider if and how we can minimize the personal data we use over time, as well as whether we can keep it anonymous so they can no longer associate with you or identify you. In this case, we may use them without further notice.

4.4. For more information on the use of your personal information please contact us at: and ask the Compliance Officer.

5. Your rights

The user has the right to request access at any time to the personal data we process. In addition, it has the following rights:

 5.1. The right to information about whether we hold your personal data and, if so, what this data is, why we keep it / use it and for how long.

5.2 The right to rectify, delete (except where we hold the personal data of our affiliates for tax purposes) and restrict the use of your personal data.

5.3. The right to withdraw your consent at any time (see paragraph 3.1 above) without affecting the legality of the processing for the period prior to withdrawal of your consent. Once we have received notice that you have withdrawn your consent, we will no longer process your information for the purpose or purposes for which you originally agreed, unless we have another legal basis to do so legally.

 5.4. The right to object to the processing of your personal data when we base it on a legitimate interest (or third party interest), but your particular situation may make you want to object to the processing of it. You also have the right to object when our Company processes your personal data for direct marketing purposes.

Your access to your data, based on your rights, will be free of charge, at no cost, direct or indirect. However, when your claim is clearly excessive, unfounded and disproportionate to the immediate exercise of your rights, we may charge you a reasonable fee. Alternatively, we may refuse to satisfy your request in appropriate cases.

6. Security of Your Personal Data

Our company respects your personal data and displays it in good faith, committed to making every effort to safeguard the security of the data you provide. The data you provide is protected by SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology. SSL technology is the key method in the encryption industry of personal information to ensure their secure transfer over the internet.

7. Transmission of your Personal Data

Our Company does not transfer your data to any third party (natural or legal). The personal data we collect from you is neither transmitted nor processed outside the European Union.

However, we may disclose your personal information to the following third parties for the purposes set out in this Privacy Policy only:
a) Government authorities, law enforcement agencies, regulators and other law enforcement authorities for compliance with legal requirements unless otherwise required by law (Law), or as required by the competent authorities.
b) Legal and other professional advisers, courts and law enforcement agencies, in order to exercise our legal rights under our contract with you.
c) Social Networks: You may access third party social networks through or prior to your visit to our site. When you are signed in with your social media account, we will receive the personal information you choose to share with us in accordance with the privacy settings you choose to improve and personalize our use of our site. We may use social media links on our site. This will result in your information being shared with your social media provider and likely being presented on your social media profile and accessible to others on your network. Consult the privacy statement of these third-party social media providers to learn more about these practices.

8. Minors / visitors

Minor visitors have access to our services after they have reached the age of 16. If they are under 16 years of age they can access our services only with the consent of their parents or guardians. In the case of the submission of personal information by minors over the age of 16, the submission is valid only if provided or approved by at least one parent. In the case of a minor under the age of 16, our Company will delete all relevant information as soon as it has become aware of or has found it in any way.

9. Use of cookies

We use cookies on this site to provide you with the best possible experience of using the site. Cookies are files that are stored in your browser and are used for basic navigation functions and for personalizing your experience. By continuing to navigate our site, you agree to the use of cookies.

Cookies may be used by Natural Hellenia and third parties (Google, Facebook, etc.) to promote products you have already seen on your previous visit to our site (Remarketing). By browsing our site, you consent to the use of cookies and remarketing.

Of course, you have the option of not storing cookies in your browser. This is done here if you use Firefox or here if you use Chrome.

10. How to contact us?

You can contact us for any questions regarding the processing of your personal information or the use of cookies by us or to exercise your rights by using our website's contact form or at our email:


Any orders that are not processed within 5 business days are automatically canceled.

Credit-Debit-Prepaid card (Visa, MasterCard, Maestro)

To ensure the complete security of electronic transactions through credit / debit cards, they are done through the secure system of PIRAEUS BANK. Our store accepts Visa, MasterCard and Maestro. We give you the opportunity to pay for your order, through the secure environment of Piraeus Bank, using any credit, debit or prepaid card. Your card details are entered and processed in the electronic environment of Piraeus Bank. Natural Hellenia does not have access to them, nor can it collect them.

Please note: This online shop operates from the European Union and, as such, all transactions are ultimately made in Euro (unless otherwise displayed). If you are paying using another currency, the currency conversion will be based on that day's exchange rate. There is no extra cost for currency conversion.